The ARS Symposium takes place every two years with the goal of promoting the interactions within the ARS research laboratories and with the rest of RNA research community, both in research labs and in industry. The focus of the meeting is on the evolution, structure, function and biotechnology of ARS, and their canonical and non-canonical roles in health and disease.

The ARS2015 conference will be held in Barcelona, from the 18th to the 22nd of October. The venue for the Meeting will be the conference Building ‘Casa de la Convalescència’, an architectural gem within the city that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are planning a full four-day program that will include seven scientific sessions, a half-day tour, and several social events to introduce everyone to the Catalan culture. 

A unique feature of the 2015 ARS meeting is the celebration of an ‘advanced omics’ workshop. The goal of this workshop is to strengthen the connections between the ARS community and laboratories developing state of the art analytical techniques for the study of protein synthesis in the context of the whole eukaryotic cell. We want to bring together experts in novel experimental approaches to analyze their potential synergies, and to ensure that ARS research takes advantage of the opportunities that these new technologies offer. 

We will bring in experts in next generation mass spectrometry methods, deep sequencing, ribosome profiling, and numerical analysis to the workshop, and the attendance will be open to the scientific community in Barcelona.